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Better Logistics Solutions for Wholesale, Retail, 3PL, and E-Commerce Shippers

We at ShipX are here to change the fact that the shipping process is not perfect. The majority of shippers must deal with uncertainty in service, pricing, and technology. We are here to address these issues and provide high-performance delivery solutions for all of your shipping requirements.


Reduce Your Shipping Costs

We keep shipping costs low by minimizing accessorial fees, and keeping the pricing predictable, with fewer tiers.


Keeping You Informed, Addressing Any Issues

ShipX helps you and your downstream customer happy by keeping you informed of every step in the parcel journey. We'll address any disruption, and have backup carriers ready to step in when needed.


Ready To Grow With You

Scale your ShipX partnership as your order flow grows. Our Vetted Delivery Network (VDN) is ready for whatever package volume your business requires.

Turnkey Delivery Solutions

  • 41 States, 12,000" Zip Codes for Parcel Delivery
  • Contiguous 48 states and Canada
  • 100+ Years of Combined Experience
  • Redundant Delivery Network
  • Scalability to Enable Growth
  • Simple, Predictable Pricing
  • Easy Onboarding
  • First and Middle Mile Services Available
  • Integrations with Top TMS Platforms
  • Full Visibility Across the Parcel Journey

Interested in leveraging world class technology to optimize your shipment tracking?

Focused, Frictionless Delivery Services.

ShipX is trusted by leading e-commerce merchants, retailers, and 3PLs by deploying thousands of deliveries a day through our Vetted Delivery Carrier Network™ (VDN) — which has delivery capacity that no other national delivery service provider can claim.


E-Commerce Delivery Solutions

Let ShipX analyze your shipping data to develop pricing options that improve online conversion rates.


Retail Delivery Solutions

With national coverage and a myriad of pickup options, your brand will be in good hands — from loading dock to doorstep.


3PL Delivery Solutions

ShipX can maximize efficiency and profit on a wide range of package types and delivery speeds.


Door-to-Door Tracking.

Package scanning and tracking on our site or yours.

A Tech-Enabled Network.

New technologies allow us to build dynamic routing with partners like never before.


The Capacity You Need Right Now.

Don't let capacity and surcharges constrain your growth. Let ShipX handle your extra volume.

Simple, Predictable Pricing.

Our rate sheets are simple, straightforward, and predictable — thus allowing you to solidify your pricing strategy.


Up and Running — Fast.

In many case, we can put your packages in our network within three days.

Handling Packages of All Sizes and Shapes.

We don’t judge. We just deliver. Give us your unusual or unusually sized products. We’ll get them delivered.


A Green Approach to Logistics.

The planet needs our help. So ShipX uses its technology platform to leverage existing routes and carrier vehicles for deliveries whenever possible. We also invests in carbon offsets to counter-balance our use of fossil fuels and other resources.

Let ShipX create a customized delivery solution for you.